September's Trilogy

     September Summer is an accomplished author, Kappa Alpha Psi Literary Event honoree, and professional book publisher (Anointed Rose Press, where "your DREAMS are our vision.")

     In this powerful, dramatic and inspiring book, September tells of her seemingly never ending and frustrating search for a way to find what love is and to be fulfilled, "in all the wrong places." The journey begins for her at age 5 when she was literally "kidnapped", along with her two slightly older brothers; and traverses through years of abuse, violence, single parenting and much more. This is not "based" on a true story, but is "indeed" true, howbeit often bizarre. The actual names have been changed to protect the privacy of some who are innocent, and others who are not.

     Well known for her depth of love for people, September has a quick sense of humor, a "down to earth" perspective, and a faith-based worldview. When asked what is her primary life focus, she sums in up in one watchword, "Relationships." As the result of almost complete disintegration of her own birth family ties, she has a particular heart for helping to (re)build family bonds.

     September writes in a manner which causes the reader to feel "present" in the moment of the events. Her style is conversational, rather than formal, as if she were having a personal visit with you.  Hence, many readers have commented that they have "laughed, cried, cussed and repented, etc., while reading her books.  Get your copy today and get ready for an amazing journey.


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