About September

Who is September Summer?

Accomplished author, honoree at the Kappa Alpha Psi Literary event in 2009, and professional book publisher (Anointed Rose Press Publishing).

The answer to the above question is definitely not a simple one. There are so many facets to the person and life of September that it's amazing that one person could have experienced so much in one lifetime...but God!!  We find a woman with a ready smile, quick wit, love for people and a zest for living. She is blessed to be Mom and Mom-Mom to a wonderful family.  She is a minister, celebrated author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, 
producer of the previously aired "Dew Tell" Radio and "Ordinary People, Extraordinary God" television shows. September is the visionary and sole proprietor of Anointed Rose PressTM Publishing, where the theme is "Your DREAMS are our vision." 

The primary driving forces behind this dynamo is her powerful faith in God as personal and loving, and her belief that ordinary people can be empowered to accomplish extraordinary things.  Her tremendous faith and tenacity fuels her unyielding conviction that no matter what a person faces through life's challenges - we can be "more than conquerors."

September has had numerous accomplishments including Registered Nursing for over 25 years, Certification in Christian Counseling, undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biblical Studies, and  a doctorate in Theology. She is the founder of the New Life Bible & Ministries Institute, and has received honors for her books by the Kappa Alpha Psi Literary Project in Washington, D.C.

Having survived a myriad of personal "holocausts" in her life, and the almost total destruction of her family, September is always ready to share a word of encouragement to others. She has chronicled much of her life's journey in 3 books, which are currently published as the one book "September's Trilogy" (including kidnap at age 5, separation from her Mom for 9 years, rape, physical abuse, gang violence, teen motherhood, marriage to a gang warlord-drug dealer and much more).  Her life is evidence of the saying, "Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction."

(See "September's Trilogy" Page to purchase the Book)

"For I know the plans I have for you..." Jeremiah 29:11

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