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...what an awesome testimony of the love and power of God who kept you in spite of…

...I laughed, cried, cussed and then had to ask God to forgive me…

...when I started the book, I couldn’t put it down; I read it all in one night…

...I was almost late for work from sitting up half the night reading it… a man, I usually don’t read books unless it is something I absolutely have to read, but I didn’t want to stop once I read the first chapter…

...what a powerful book, I hope it makes it to the Best Sellers list…

...I said, “No, this can’t be the last page. Is the next one ready yet?...

...hysterical, sad, comical, emotional, uplifting… about a cliff hanger, where’s book two?… it, love, love it...


In this inspiring personal life trilogy, September tells of her seemingly never ending and frustrating search for a way to be loved and to be fulfilled - “in all the wrong places”.  The journey begins at age five when she was “kidnapped” along with two older brothers, and traverses through years of abuse, violence, single parenting and much more.  This is not “based” on a true story, but is “indeed” true; though
the actual names have been changed to protect the privacy of some who are innocent, and others who are not.
by many for her depth of love for people, September has a quick sense
Book 1, “While The Dew Is Still On The Roses”, tells of the nine year separation from her mother.
 Book 2, “And He Tells Me That I Am His Own”, finds her as a teen wife and mother, trying to keep her own family together.
 Book 3, “And The Joy We Share As We Tarry There” tells of her “rites of passage” to victory and achievement.

The title of each book is based on the inspirational hymn “I Come To The Garden Alone.”   As you read this compilation, we believe you will be encouraged and inspired to know that you can make it, if you only believe. The name “September Summer” signifies the time of transition when the seasons (of life) come out of the extreme heat of summer, and move towards the cooling birth of Harvest.                                            

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"Meant For Good"

…About the Author…

Janene  Ryan was born and raised in the hard streets of Camden, New Jersey. In the 4th grade a reading teacher stood at the front of the classroom holding a book which he proclaimed, "would introduce us to a world we've never known." That book was Edgar Allen Poe's Poetry and Short Story Collection; the first poem he read was "The Raven".  Instantly, Janene was in love. Being a journal keeper and an avid reader; and loving to listen to her mother tell folk-tales, she began writing short stories secretively. In high school Janene was persuaded by a teacher and friend to enter her first short story contest.

It was a no-brainer for Janene to pursue writing in college. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English-Literature, with an emphasis in Pre-Modern Day Era Literature and Creative Writing. She also earned a Master’s of Science degree in Christian Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University. Janene plans to further her education with another Master’s degree in Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a doctorate degree in Urban Studies.

Janene has won numerous writing contests and has had several of her short stories and poems published in local print magazines, online magazines and periodicals. Janene gains a lot of her inspiration for writing from just observing life; and several of her writing heroes, namely J. California Cooper and Edgar Allan Poe.

Janene lives in New Jersey with her teenage daughter.

Back Cover:

 LaTasha Daniels (main character)  had a great life – a supportive family, great friends and an unmovable faith. However, when her father has a heart attack, this “always on point” young woman allows the smooth talk of vulnerability to catch her off guard. Uncertain of the future of her father, LaTasha is sacked with more life-changing news. Soon her attempt at hiding a damning secret and living a life of falsehoods spiral out of control.

Adding to the mix of all that has erupted in her life are three men with three different purposes – all of which open her eyes to what love is supposed to be and what it actually is. Despite the support of a fiery tempered home-girl and prayer-warrior grandmother, LaTasha knows she will have to deal with her self-created struggles single hand­edly. Now on a journey to reclaim her spirit and redeem her vitality she meets the woman and the God she thought she knew so well.

Meant for Good is a coming of age novel that exposes the ups and downs, the ins and outs and the failures and rewards of life – leaving everyone involved to know love, grace and forgiveness are the only things that will keep us standing!

Janene Ryan
(856) 816-5165

"Women With Wind In Their Wings"

About The Author:
Dr. M. Frances Manning-Fontaine grew up in New York City...she graduated from the College of New Rochelle with the Bachelor of Arts, and New York Theological Seminary with the Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry Degrees. She has also done additional study at Princeton Theological Seminary and has a certificate from the Harvard University Divinity
School Leadership Institute. She is a graduate of the Institute of Church Administration and Management (ICAM) at Interdenominational Theological Seminary (ITC) in Atlanta, Georgia. She is further certified in Pastoral Counseling through The Christian Counseling Center in Allendale, N.J.

Dr. Manning-Fontaine has been a featured panelist at the prestigious Hampton University Minister’s Conference, published in SAGE SISTERS and...the first woman Moderator elected in the State of New Jersey through the North Jersey District Missionary Baptist Association. She has mentored other pastors and preachers...  Deeply committed to the success of Women in Ministry, Dr. Fontaine is an organizing member of COADINJ (Clergy Women of African Descent in New Jersey), which now has a thriving branch in Philadelphia, Pa. Called to the New Hope Baptist Church, a dynamic leading congregation in Hackensack, New Jersey, on May 7, 1993, she is the seventh Pastor and the first woman to lead that congregation.
Her favorite saying is “Press on Regardless”. Her favorite biblical saying is “Nothing can separate us from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus.” Her latest “mantra”, as she moves into a new season is “Legacy is us”.
She is married to Joseph H. Fontaine, Sr.; together they have 6 children and 11 grandchildren.

Back Cover:

Licensed and ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1981 and 1985, respectively (no “Janie come lately”), Dr. Manning-Fontaine is one of those women known as pioneers or trail blazers who has “borne the burden and the heat of the day”. Content to let others shine, after 30 Years of Preaching and 18 years of Pastoring and equipping others, she has finally stepped to the forefront to share some insights that found their way into her ministry throughout the years.

This little book is not just another volume about male bashing and glazing at glass ceilings; but includes thoughtful assumptions gleaned from her study of scripture and theological mentors that drop nuggets all around for those who dare to pick them up, male or female, lay or Clergy.

Many of these nuggets explode into provocative suppositions that make good preaching fodder and study food for those who have ears to hear. The Bibliography and resource references alone are worth their weight in gold.

In her words, “We’ve been set free…come and see” !

Dr. M. Frances Manning-Fontaine

"A Fighter & Champion"

 Dr. William Comfort,
Doctor of Philosophy
, Oxford Graduate School, Dayton, Tennessee
Doctor of Sacred Letters, St. Alcuin House, College of Alcuin of York, Wolsey Hall, Oxford, England
Doctor of Naturopathy (with High Honors), Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama
Master of Arts, Capital Bible Seminary, Washington Bible College, Lanham, Maryland
Master of Letters, Oxford Graduate School, Dayton, Tennessee
Master of Theological Studies, Chesapeake Bible Seminary, Ridgely, Maryland
Bachelor of Arts, Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina
Fellow of the International Biographical Association, Cambridge, England
Honorary Fellow of the Anglo American Academy, Cambridge, England
Certified Counselor in Personal Behavior Analysis, Institute for Motivational Living, New Castle, Pennsylvania

 Additional Studies - Oxford University, Oxford, England; Luther Rice Seminary, Jacksonville, Florida; Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida, Teaching Fellow of the Oxford Educational Network, Wolsey Hall, Oxford.
57 years of full time ministry, 50 years of marriage to Dr. Shirley Comfort, two sons and fourteen grandchildren.


Anyone who has accomplished much in life can point to a significant person or two that made all the difference—especially during the difficult phases and challenging stages. These mentors and coaches are rarely in the limelight themselves; their reward is the success and achievements of the ones they have poured themselves into.
Dr. William “Bill” Comfort is one of those mentoring, life and ministry coaches. It quickly becomes obvious to any observer of his lifestyle that this man literally lives to make others succeed. Nothing makes him more excited and energized than helping some person living below his or her potential get a fresh wind and achieve what had seemed highly unlikely or even impossible. 
Many dreams that had died in the wastelands of routine and basic survival have risen from the dust under his guiding hand. His quick assessment ability enables him to identify and revive the innate, God-given abilities that have never theretofore been discovered or have lain dormant under the layers of one’s misgivings. He speaks lovingly of those whose lives he has impacted as if they were his very children—or perhaps grandchildren.

It has been my privilege to know and work with this Man of God—this general of the Faith—for two decades.  He and his precious wife, Shirley, have been great encouragers of Joan and me. Their indomitable spirits continue to energize us and humble us. We are in covenant together and I am sure we got the better part of that arrangement! 
Bishop J.R. Pierce
The Love Church, Horseheads, New York
Love Aflame! Worldwide, Horseheads, New York

Dr. Shirley Comfort (On behalf of Dr. William Comfort)
(410) 634-9005



 Irene Chikaka is an alumnus of Howard University, who walked by faith and not by sight during the turbulent times of revolution and independence in Zimbabwe.

 “God Smiled On Me” is an autobiographical account of this African-American author’s transition from the campus to prominence and influence as an educator, community activist and entrepreneur before and after the independence of Zimbabwe.

 Irene Chikaka is the mother of three adult children and grandmother of ? She currently lives in Harare, Zimbabwe,

  and travels regularly to United States.  She is available for speaking engagements with sufficient notice.


“God Smiled on Me” is an absolutely “must read” book. I personally have not had the opportunity (yet) to travel to the various places, internationally, that Irene Chikaka writes about in her book. However, as I read through the pages, I travelled through this powerful journey and “Rites of Passage” with the author. If I was given only one word to describe my gut reaction to this book, it would be “breathtaking”.

Surely, this first time author has demonstrated her creative writing ability and charisma. Amazingly, while doing so, she has also shared with us the “power” of walking through a life lived definitely by “faith and not by sight.” Not many non-fiction books tell of such a powerful bond of love and adventure as, “God Smiled On Me.”

Thousands of people spend untold dollars each year to see movies, from a script by someone’s imagination: here we “read” a script that goes beyond the imagined – and yet, is true. Irene Chikaka is a living and in Technicolor, testimony of a principle written by the author Sherri Shepherd, “Write yourself a permission slip to hold firm on a gut feeling, even if someone else can explain it away.” (Permission Slips, pg. 62)

To the author I say, “Job well done. Thank you for sharing with us the wonder of your story. God Bless you, Irene, for taking courage and writing such a powerful book.

Irene Chikaka

                  DR. CORRINE MORGAN

                           About the Author                 

Many people overcome obstacles to go to Chiropractic College; some sacrifice high-paying jobs to follow their passions. Some depend on spouses to support the family until they earn their degree.  Many – perhaps most – take out big student loans for financial support.

But few have had the experiences of Corrine Morgan:  She overcame the barriers of racial discrimination, single-parenthood and dire poverty to achieve her coveted goal – a doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College.

Dr. Morgan earned that degree in 1988.  Today she runs a thriving chiropractic practice, and perhaps, more importantly – she has mentored dozens of young women to help them overcome their own personal barriers and achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.

Her selflessness has been recognized: She has been nominated for a variety of awards, including Woman of the Year, Chiropractor of the Year and Alumni of the Year.  She has also been featured in Essence Magazine as a role model for other young black women. Dr. Morgan’s story is an inspiration to anyone who wonders whether she has what it takes to succeed. Many students go to school on a shoestring; Dr. Morgan did it on less than that.
Part of what she loves is passing on what she has learned to others, especially to young women from all over the country...She tells them:  “If I could do this, you can do this.  But you have to have faith and focus on what you want.  If you apply yourself, there’s no reason you can’t succeed.”


This is a story about a little girl with big dreams. Heer dreams are shattered by the sudden death of her father; and her mother turns to alcohol. The young girl feels that she could accomplish anything in life, as her father told her again and again while he was alive. However, she is constantly knocked down. She loves her family, however she feels her life is at a standstill.

 At one point, true loneliness is felt as she lies dying from an undisclosed illness; with only a "light" to hang onto. She looks for love in all the wrong places,when love is there all the time.  Come with her as she discovers the inside truth about herself and the help she needs to fulfill her destiny. Let yourself be inspired from the experiences she remembers, and the lessons to be learned.

 She will show you how important you are, when others say you will never be anything.  Let little Co-Co show you the light that is within you. This little book is here to encourage you that against all odds, you can be what you want no matter what age you are, or whatever your background is.

 Luke 11:12 tells us, "...The lamp of the body is the eye, therefore when your eye sees good, your whole body also is full of light...

The "light" is within us at all times; learn how this young girl who defied death learned about the light and how to use it.

Dr. Corrine Morgan
Phone: (215) 704-5151


As a former English major at Hampton University and youth minister, Ajibade had plenty of opportunity to imaginatively create all kinds of concepts to convey a message to listeners.  Poetry has always been a passion for him as an instrument of alleviating all the creative mysteries eager to have their say. 

He believes he is merely a pen in the hand of an infinitely creative God willing to share some of it with His child.  After doing spoken word poetry at different venues in Boston, Ajibade truly delved into the city poetry scene and started realizing God’s dream for him of sharing a uniquely uplifting style of poetry for the masses.

He moved his family south to finish his final season as an active youth minister and to be closer to extended family.  He currently resides in pleasant Maryland with his lovely wife and two dynamic young children where he fathers and writes full time.


When Ajibade was our Youth director at Mt. Zion UMC he often shared his poems...ways timely and connected to what was going on in our lives at the time, especially the youth, for our youth were his primary target. ...very clear that Ajibade’s writings were from deep within his heart and yet reached deep within the heart of each of us. His poetry is not, for the most part, merely superficial and fun, but deep and thought provoking. It spans the depths of hurt and despair and the heights of the very Kingdom of God. His verse is not unlike the Psalms, allowing us to listen in as another lifts his very heart to the throne of God, with all it’s pain, and joy, confusion and certainty, hurt and forgiveness, bitterness and reconciliation, to find God’s grace works through all of life’s situations to bring new life.
Some of the writings in this book you will connect with on your first reading and others will seem distant and their meaning might at first allude you, but as the seasons of your life change and you read these words again the same verse might intersect with right where you are and in its new found clarity minister to your own heart.

This book of verse is one you will come back to again and again as you enter into different challenges upon life’s journey. Ajibade’s words spring forth from his deep faith in God and his desire to align his life with the one who gave his life for him, Jesus the Christ. He has found in his own journey that no matter how high the mountain top or how low the valley, God is there and ready to give meaning and hope to both the highs and the lows. He has bared his soul to us in hopes that ours might be ministered to and that we too might know the comfort and hope that only God can give. Take it along, it’s a great guide for your journey.

Bill Herche, Pastor

Ajibade Jegede
Email -
(410) 562-6081

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