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Greetings Prospective Customer:

Thank you for visiting our website where you will find information about our publishing company, Anointed Rose PressTM. Here at ARP, "Your DREAMS are our vision."

Are you ready to birth your vision and see your creative writing in book and/or digital form, to be made available for worldwide distribution?

As an author myself who had quite some difficulty getting my first book published, I began to pursue a professional venue which would be feasible for the average, new or unknown writer to use. As a result of much work and research, and with 17 years of professional copy editing/data review expertise, I was awarded as a contracted publisher with the long standing,prestigious internationally
renowned Ingram Publishing Group. Hence Anointed Rose PressTM
was birthed.

Anointed Rose Press
offers you a smooth and expeditious book publishing solution, with a choice of pricing packages from just $649Up, with flexible payment options. The method of book publishing that we offer allows you to see your book in print for an affordable investment because fewer manual pre-press services are required. The full rights to your book permanently remain with the author, and our author royalty is in line with the current industry high of 30%(post printing).
Wow!! Isn't it absolutely "fantabulous" and exciting that we live in the digital age, which has brought this wonderful possibility within the grasp of soooo many talented authors, researchers, teachers, etc.?

To receive your COURTESY copy of the Anointed Rose PressTM publishing guide, including price plans, provide your email and/or or mailing address. Also, please feel free to contact September at (484) 378-0939 or Take advantage of the publishing package of your choice, with additional options available for several add-on services such as ghost writing and access to professional Marketing and Photographic services. Please contact us to discuss your needs and together we will create a contract that works for you.
We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to bring your dreams to fruition.


September Summer,
(484) 378-0939

"For I know the plans I have for you..., plans to prosper you..." Jeremiah 29:11



Contact Information

ALL information provided is kept as completely confidential - we do not share or sell our contacts to any other person or business.  To receive a Free copy of the Anointed Rose Press™ Publishing Guide, including the Price Plans, please provide your email or mailing address.  Thank you for your interest.

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Publishing Services Included in All Packages Unless otherwise Specified:
**Additional Charges for these options**

  • Digital Submission of Manuscript - by Email attachment, CD or Flash Drive in common word processing text format, ie. Microsoft Word. 
  • Personalized Author Support
  • Assigned ISBN 
  • Registered Electronic Copyright (ECO) - Full rights permanently remain with Author
  • Registered Library of Congress Number (LCCN)
  • Book Binding Options (Perfect Bound) or **Saddle Stitching**  
  • Cover Options - Trade Paperback or **Hardback**
  • Cover - Simple Design, (1-4 Colors) 
  • Interior Page Layout/Design - Black text
  • Image/Photo Insertion and Conversion  - Grayscale (per package)
  • Pre-Production Revisions - Per Package
  • Proof Copy (1)
  • Complimentary Final Copies for Author (per package)
  • Domestic/International Distribution - Includes, U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Australia - (1) Wholesale to retailers/distributors, (2) Internet (i.e., Barnes &, and many more), (3) Digital (eBooks) to multiple eBook retailers, (4) Purchase by authors for direct sales (volume discounts available , 100% profit minus printing)
  • E-Blast 
  • Publisher's Web Page Ad
  • Local Bookstore Referrals (3) (No guarantee of bookstore placement)
  • Listing in global registry "Books In Print"
Following Services Available Based on Publishing Package or as Separate Add-On
  • Paper Manuscript submission (per page fee)
  • Typing of handwritten documents or dictation transcripts (per page fee)
  • Ingram Catalog Ad
  • Press Release
  •  Full Custom Cover Design (1-4 colors)
  • Full Proof Reading and Copy Editing
  • Post Production Revisions _ Cover and/or Interior
  • Image/Photo Insertion and Conversion (>11)
  • Interior - color pictures and/or text
  • Kindle Formatting
  • Professional Head Shot/Photography
  • Marketing Packages
  • Ghost Writing and other Clerical Services are Available Upon Request
-Available services subject to change with written notice.-

!!  Ask about our Referral Fee for Paid Publishing Customers  !!

Some of the Challenges of Becoming a Published Author

As an author, you are probably aware of (and perhaps have experienced) some of the problems of trying to get your work published by a commercial publisher (a publisher who pays an author for the right to publish the author's manuscript). Just having your manuscript read by most commercial publishers is difficult and usually involves long delays. Even if you consult with a literary agent or send your manuscript to many commercial publishers, it is usually quite costly and your efforts may go unnoticed. We are definitely NOT saying that you should not pursue options for a larger commercial publisher, but we offer an equally professional service and beginning point for those who are not quite able or ready to start out at the higher economic level in the market.

The primary reason for this situation is the current state of “business economics” in the publishing industry. With mounting costs of production and merchandising, the commercial book publishing industry is taking fewer risks, becoming more focused toward the more prominent best seller aimed at the mass market, and shying away from new or unknown authors and books.
The commercial publishers are more inclined to publish books by established authors or well-known personalities even if not written as well as other manuscripts they reject. Excellent poetry or works on specialized subjects may be turned down simply because the market may be limited or regional. For every manuscript published by a commercial publisher, many which deserve to be in print are not. There are  a lot of local and lesser known authors who are completely overlooked. We believe it  if it is important enough for you to put it in a book form, it deserves the same opportunities that the celebrated authors have.  

What do you say?

Subsidizing a book you have written can result in enduring value on a personal level, as well as having the POTENTIAL to generate revenue and celebrity. Publishing your own book can be an effective means for creative self-expression or sharing an experience with others. It may also bring recognition and accelerate your career. If only books considered to be potential best sellers were published, some of our most talented and important writers may never have reached their audiences - including Steve Harvey when he first wrote "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man"!!
Using "Print on Demand" printing technology, with a free E-book option, and option for wholesale purchase by distributors, Anointed Rose PublishingTM offers an easy, quick, and affordable publishing alternative for authors of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and other genres.
"Print on Demand” POD) Publishing is one of the more exciting and pragmatic concepts in the publishing industry today. As the name implies, books are prepared for printing, stored as digital files, and printed only when there is demand for the book (or any time, by order, to wholesale distributors). Books can be printed quickly and usually shipped to the author, consumer or reseller within 24-48 hours.

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